UKOUG – Exciting News for the Northern Server Tech Community…

>Not only is it time for the Northern Server Tech Day in Leeds next week, which is exciting enough, but the UKOUG is now looking to form the Northern Tech SIG.

The UKOUG has been running the NST as an annual one day event for the last 5 years, and it is now time to create a SIG to focus on delivering Server Tech content across the North of England on a regular basis.

In order to get this off the ground we are now looking for Volunteers to form the SIG committee.

If anybody would like to volunteer, or discuss what is involved in volunteering, for the Northern Tech SIG Committee then drop me a line, or contact Anna Crellin in the UKOUG office.

There’s a load of information on Volunteering available on the UKOUG website, and we will of course be on hand during the NST next week if anybody wants to have a chat.

As Martin Widlake posts in his blog, it’s important to continue to support SIGs, all of them, in order for them to continue – I hope that the followers of NST over the years are as happy about this development as I am!

3 Responses to UKOUG – Exciting News for the Northern Server Tech Community…

  1. mwidlake says:

    >As a chair of another SIG, I can't really help out formally with the Northern Tec SIG – other than to encourage anyone with even a passing interest to consider it. It really is not so onerous helping out with a SIG and the payback is considerable. You get to meet a lot of people, become more confident in dealing with organising things and, of course, get that warm glow of putting something back in to the community. Well, it works for me anyway :-)

  2. Lisa says:

    >mwidlake said…"…I can't really help out formally with the Northern Tech SIG.."Martin, you have helped this event by presenting on more than one occasion, blogging about the event and encouraging others to get involved and help out.That in itself is a monumental help, and greatly appreciated!The concept of 'putting something back into the community' is also one that has worked for me, and one I would like to see more of.Many thanks for your support.

  3. PdV says:

    >It remains important to stress the USERgroup thingies. If we leave it to vendors, all we get is good-news-sales stories. We need information from the coalface to balance the hype! (appropriate for Northern event, I suppose).CU all tomorrow.

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