Exadata Special Event – have you registered?

The UKOUG is holding our first Exadata Special Event on Monday.

We’ve lined up an amazing agenda with fantastic speakers to ensure that the day is jam-packed with all you need to know.  There’s something for everyone, with all presentations being given by people with real first-hand experience.

It really is an event not to be missed, but don’t just take my word for it – see what Tanel Poder has to say about it, either on his blog, or in this article in ComputerWorld.

As if the agenda itself isn’t enough, we’re also holding a prize draw where 3 lucky delegates will get a free e-book copy of the brand new APress book ‘Expert Oracle Exadata’ co-authored by  Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson and Tanel Poder.

I’m excited about the event, and not just because it will be my first time out of the house since breaking my leg!

4 Responses to Exadata Special Event – have you registered?

  1. From the computer world article “Poder, who has expertise in Oracle databases, said”. Now that’s an understatement if ever I saw one.

  2. Lisa Dobson says:

    Indeed. Rather like saying ‘Lisa likes shoes’ :)

  3. Carl Parisien says:

    Hi Lisa

    I wasn’t able to attend the conference and didn’t here any follow up. Is there anything posted? thanks –

    • Lisa Dobson says:

      Hi Carl,

      Apologies, I haven’t posted my follow up yet! I think there may be a few other blog posts about it but I have not seen many.

      Are you a UKOUG member? If so you can download all of the presentations from the event.


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