My first Oracle OpenWorld

This year, I get to attend my very first Oracle OpenWorld. I’m excited, psyched and just a weeny bit overwhelmed.

It’s still two weeks away, but I’m already trying to work out how to clone myself in order to get to all the places I want to be!

It’ll be a multipurpose trip as I’ll be wearing many hats –  I’m there as a delegate, a DBA wanting to learn new stuff and I’ll also be there in my role as UKOUG VP, so I have meetings set up and I’ll be looking to see how things are done in comparison to our own conferences.

In addition to all that, I’ll also be there to catch up with old friends and hopefully meet some new ones.

One thing I’m not so keen on is that I’ve also been warned that San Francisco is a bit ‘hilly’ and there will be a lot of walking, so I’d best leave my signature stilettos at home.

 Anybody who knows me well will know just how much of a crisis this is for me. :)

So, if you see a short, blonde English girl that is quite clearly lost – please do stop and say hi!

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