Presenting at UKOUG Tech13 Conference

It’s been a while since I put anything on this blog, most likely down to a combination of being overly busy in my previous life at UKOUG and not having anything to say that couldn’t be said in 140 characters.

Anyway, I’ll be at the UKOUG Tech13 Conference in Manchester next week and to say I’m hyper about it would be a little bit of an understatement.

I’m really looking forward to getting a different conference experience this year.  I’m certainly a lot more relaxed in the run up to it than I have ever been and a new city and venue to explore adds to the excitement.

I was really pleased to be offered a speaker slot for the conference, and my presentation will be on Wednesday morning, 8:30am in the Exchange Auditorium.

‘RMAN Duplicate – When Clones Attack’  is my story of a 3 day , urm, ‘adventure’ into using RMAN Duplicate to create a clone copy of a production system.

It’s something that we have done many times before and for some of our systems it’s a regular, scripted task to refresh our test systems.

Normally I’d bang on about how great I think it is but earlier this year we had one such attempt turn into a complete catalogue of errors.

It was a nightmare.

We got there in the end but not before we’d encountered bugs, system errors, human errors and even a ridiculous blonde error! Oh, and not forgetting the impossible recovery scenario – so glad we hit that one in a clone and not a production recovery scenario!

Once we got through it, it was obvious it needed to be turned into a presentation if only to help prevent even one person going through the same pain.

So I’ll be there, bright and early and raring to share my story, I hope to see a few of you come along.

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